Is it time for your brand or business to start thinking about the best strategy to create a successful integrated marketing and social media campaign? We're here to help you.

New brand? Established brand changing direction? We work with you to create strategy that tells the story of your brand and drives the right customers to you.  We believe in fully customizing our services around each client’s objectives via a four tier approach . We take these four values and apply it with the right mix of strategy and storytelling tactics.



How are your communication platforms connected?  What’s driving your messaging across your channels?



Do you have multiple messages that support each other without being contradictory to each other?


Are your messages timeless?


Is there synergy in your messaging and content?

Why PPRC Strategy?

PPRC Strategy unites awareness with interaction to help brands and companies realize the real value in PR strategy and how it relates to ROI.  Our strategies are driven by what’s important to you and your objectives.  We know how important it is to deliver actionable strategies that serve as a guide for better communication, storytelling and overall business results.


What’s in our DNA?

Integration and performance evaluation across all channels- social media, digital, print and broadcast.


What do we enjoy the most about leading strategy?

Value over everything…that is our main focus. Crafting teams and creating influence for team and others around us is what we do.  As a self-proclaimed brand enthusiast, Founder Heidi Pearson is fascinated with developing social strategies with intention and purpose. We want your brand personality to comes across without words.


Let’s define “success” and focus factors.

When talking with clients we’re constantly listening for key indicators to help connect the dots in a host of innovative ways.  With previous agency experience working with popular CPG brands such as Kimberly-Clark, White Wave Foods, and Unilever, we've learned how to drive home the importance of multi-faceted engagement.  



Social Media Management                      Publicity Campaign Strategy                                                   Media Tour Production

Social Media Curation                            Spokesperson/Ambassador Selection and Procurement            Content Curation

Content Marketing                                Digital Marketing                                                                      Influencer Marketing

Platform Identification                           Intel Capture                                                                            Influencer Representation